• B.S. Ed in Dance Education
  • Ballroom and Latin Dance Instructor
  • UKA Certified Associate
  • Certified X-Pert Pole Fitness Instructor

Danielle Mayzes McCarthy is a professional ballroom dancer and instructor, as well as a pole dance and fitness trainer. A graduate of the University of Georgia with a B.S.Ed. in dance education, Danielle has been classically trained in ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, and a variety of other disciplines. In her three decades of dancing, she has discovered her to greatest loves in the dance world: ballroom dancing and aerial dance, both of which she began learning in her college years.

Upon graduating college, Danielle began her full-time professional dance career. She received her ballroom certification through Imperial Society of Teachers Dancing. As a ballroom dance competitor, she has performed all over the United States, ranking as a finalist in many national competitions. Danielle and her partner twice received the “Fan Favorite” Award in the Professional Smooth category through the Capezio DanceBeat Tour.

In 2006, Danielle worked in Dublin, Ireland as the head instructor for Niall Newman’s Learn to Dance. This experience allowed her to put her aerial dance training to use when she was introduced to pole fitness for the first time. From there, Danielle moved to Boston and started the pole fitness program at SuperShag Dance Studios in January of 2007. Known to some as the “godmother of pole” in Boston, Danielle has trained many students who have continued on to become professional competitors, studio owners, and trainers in the pole industry. Danielle was lucky to be among the very first pole instructors to become both XPERT and ElevatED certified.

In 2010, Danielle produced the first ever New England Pole Dance Showcase, an event created to feature dancers from all over the region in a mainstream setting. This event took off to become an annual event, then eventually grew into a national competition and showcase. The SuperShag Pole Fitness Championships came to life in 2012, to the excitement of many regional performers. The following year, the SPFC became part of the Pole Championship Series, an elite event where the finalists are invited to compete at the ARNOLD Sports Festival in Ohio. As the founder of these Boston-based pole events, Danielle is proud to have a part in giving performers an outlet to express themselves and share the love of pole with the community.

In 2012, Danielle joined the Liquid Motion team, founded by Jeni Janover. As one of the original members of Liquid Motion, Danielle has had the honor of creating and developing programs within the company, as well as traveling and presenting the workshops to the general public. As one of only two Liquid Motion Master Trainers, Danielle has been sharing her knowledge across the globe, including well known conventions such as Pole Expo, Great Midwest Pole Convention, the ARNOLD Sports Festival, and the International Pole Convention.

Due to her experience in the dance and pole industry, Danielle has been honored to be a judge for many competitions, both ballroom and pole related. She loves watching performers of all levels and truly enjoys giving constructive feedback to help them in their journey.

Career Highlights:

*B.S.Ed. in Dance Education

*Lead Instructor at Learn to Dance in Dublin, Ireland

*XPERT AND ElevatED Certified

*Liquid Motion Master Trainer and Content Developer

*Founder and Director of SuperShag’s pole fitness program

*Founder of New England Pole Dance Showcase

*Founder of SuperShag Pole Fitness Championships

*Co-founder of Poles n’ Paddles

*Judge – Northeast Collegiate Dancesport Challenge, 2012 & 2015

*Elite Division Judge – American Pole Fitness Championship, 2012

*Judge – Atlantic Pole Championships, 2013

*Judge – SuperShag Pole Fitness Championships, 2013-2014

*Judge – Northeast Aerial Art Championships, 2014

*Judge – North American Pole Dance Championships, 2014-2015