Imre Gombkötő

Imre Gombkötő


  • Standard and Ballroom Dance Instructor
  • United States Terpsichore Association Member; Smooth & Rhythm


Imre began dancing at the age of six in a small village in southern Hungry. Growing up he trained and competed in both Ballroom and Latin styles. At the age of eight Imre began competing throughout Hungary as a youth. A few short years later Imre and his partner would place in the top 3 of the Hungarian Worlds Championships.

Imre moved to Budapest to attend the University where he would study urban planning, as well as continue his competitive Ballroom and Latin career. One short year later Imre was crowned the Hungarian World Champion in Ballroom style.

While still dedicating himself to his studies he would continue to compete internationally throughout all of Europe. Regularly making the finals and top 3 in these prestigious competitions. Not only was Imre an accomplished competitor he also enjoyed teaching. He instructed students in 3 Ballroom clubs in Hungary (Dance factory, Budapest Ballroom & Rumba). Not only did Imre enjoy teaching but also found out that he was quite good at it. Imre saw his young students (11-12 years old) go on to win various World and National titles.

Imre met SuperShag shortly after the university and fell in love with the dance scene in Boston. After only 1 week in Boston Imre decided his new goal was to become successful in the Pro-Am scene in the United States. And what better place to accomplish this then at SuperShag. Imre enjoys teaching both beginners and seasoned competitors alike.

Past coaches include Mirko Gozzoli, Lasse Odegaar, Andrea Ghigiarelli, Sara Andracchio, Christopher Hawkins and Hazel Newberry.

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