Olga Goncharova

Olga Goncharova


  • A.S. in Business Entrepreneurship
  • Ballroom and Latin Dance Instructor
  • RYT200 Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Aerial Yoga Certified Teacher
  • Barre3 Fitness Certified Instructor
  • Easy Flexibility and Kinesiological Stretching Coach
  • Command Fitness Leader USNR VR-62


Olga Goncharova is a professional ballroom dance instructor, as well as a yoga teacher and fitness enthusiast.

Her journey into dance, performance and fitness came from the realization that she could never do the “nine to five office job”, and that life is so much more exiting through physical expression. Thus, Olga’s dance teaching career officially began in 2014, and has evolved beyond dance, and into the discovery of movement.

To further her understanding of ballroom and Latin dance, she went through the 200-hour yoga teacher training, group fitness instruction and several other courses on anatomy, nutrition and elasticity. She is currently working towards her ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) and personal trainer certifications.

One of Olga’s missions as an instructor is to not only provide her students with the tools to be successful in their dancing, but also to help them better understand their bodies, performance and physical wellness.

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