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Pole Dance Class Policies & FAQ

Where do your poles come from?

Our Poles are from X-Pole and YES you can buy one! Use this link for X-Pole's current Pole inventory.


What is Pole Fitness?

Pole Fitness is a unique exercise program that allows you to experience a full body workout without the monotony of your average gym routine. It involves dance, floorwork, climbing, spinning, and acrobatics. The average 75-minute class will take you through a warm-up and stretch, then hit the poles to learn the moves. Each class will end with a cool-down to relax the muscles after an intensive workout.


Do you offer private group parties or individual lessons?

Yes. We offer many types of lessons to suit your needs. Click the following link for information on our Bachelorette Parties and Private Pole Parties for a birthday or girls night out. For details on individual private lessons, please call the studio at 781-894-7424


What are the benefits of Pole Fitness?

Pole Fitness offers a variety of benefits, both physical and psychological. Physically, you are able to burn calories while toning and strengthening your core and upper body muscles. With just one piece of equipment, you can work your flexibility, coordination, core strength, and muscular and cardiovascular endurance. It is possible to burn 200 calories or more during the average Pole Fitness workout. Plus, don't underestimate the advantages of having fun! Releasing endorphins allows you to relieve stress and enjoy your workout. You'll also benefit from the confidence boost that comes along with developing a new skill!


What should I wear?

Comfort and safety come first! Wear any workout clothes that you feel good in. Because you need the best grip possible on the pole, bare legs and arms are helpful. The best outfit to wear is a comfortable pair of shorts and short-sleeve top. If you feel better in a pair of yoga pants or sweats, that's fine too! Layers work best, so bring something to stay warm in during the chill of winter. As for footwear, you can usually go barefoot or wear dance slippers.


Do I need to bring anything with me?

Please do not wear any oils, lotions, or jewelry on the day of your class. Slipping from the pole becomes much more likely with oily skin, so make sure to wash your hands before coming to class. Also, as you will get sweaty during class, it's helpful to have a towel handy to wipe down the pole between uses. Much of the classis spent on the floor, so you may want to bring a pair of lightweight knee pads if you have any existing knee problems. Feel free to bring towels, water bottles, yoga mats, etc., as you would a normal exercise class.


How many poles are there?

We have eight professional quality X-Pole dance poles that are tested before each class. They are extremely sturdy and secure, and are proven to hold the weight of three people at one time. Please call ahead if you would like to reserve a space in a Drop-in class 781-894-7424


What if I miss a class during my session?

Upon purchasing your class package, you will have three months to use the session.  Please note that all sales are final and there are NO refunds or exchanges given after purchase has been completed. Please note that if you sign up for a class online and do not show up for your reservation, you will get charged for that class unless you cancel in advance.  Late arrivals will not be allowed into class, even if the student has reserved a spot in class.  We reserve the right to give your spot to another client from our waitlist if you do not arrive before class begins.  Due to the high level of interest in Pole Fitness and the limited class schedule, we can no longer make exchanges or refunds. This allows us to keep our classes small and our prices as low as possible. Thank you for understanding! |  781-894-7424  

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