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Pole Dancing Classes Boston Schedule & Private Pole Lessons


Group Pole Classes:

View our schedule online - Pole Dancing Class Schedule
All group pole classes are held in our Charlestown studio


Private Pole Lessons:

Try a free private pole lesson and learn what you are missing! Private Pole Lessons are booked on an individual bases, book now by calling 781-894-7424 and try us out for free. The Free Private Pole Lesson is an Intro lesson with limit of one per person and new students only, not to be combined with any other offers.



Open Level Class (All Levels):

Playtime with the poles! Come and practice those skills you've learned or bring a friend who hasn't tried it before. This is a class for all levels. No matter what your current skill set, you're sure to extend it here. The instructor provides guidance, spotting, and teaches the next progressive skill to you!


Level 1 Pole Fitness

This class is designed for first-time pole dancing students to learn the basics in an encouraging atmosphere. Students will learn basic spins, dance moves, and climbing techniques. The class moves sequentially, adding new steps every week for a full routine that will have you sweating by the end of class!


Level 2-3 Pole Fitness

This class is a drop-in course for intermediate-level pole fitness students. Students will learn advanced spins, floorwork, and basic inversions. Must have permission of instructor to join.


Level 3-4 Pole Fitness

This class is a drop-in course for advanced students in pole fitness. Students will learn challenging combinations, incorporating spins, inversions, and double pole practice. Must have permission of instructor to join.


For your own safety, you WILL NOT be allowed to join the class if you arrive after the warm-up.  Late students will not be refunded.  It is your responsibility to arrive early and be dressed and prepared before class begins.  Please consider parking or traffic delays, and plan your travel arrangements accordingly.  Thank you for respecting your classmates and instructors, as well as your own learning experience. |  781-894-7424  

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