Erik Páli

Erik Páli


  • Latin Dance and Standard Ballroom Instructor
  • United Kingdom Alliance Associate


Erik Pali has danced both International Latin and Ballroom styles. He is five times Hungarian champion within the Junior II, Youth Standard and 10 Dance categories. Erik represented Hungary in the world Championship of Standard dances: 2003, Vienna, Austria; 2004, Vilnius, Lithuania; 2006, Krefeld, Germany. He was runner up in the Adult Hungarian 10 dance championship.

In Hungary he gained experience in the development and motivation of the 6-18 age groups and competitors. He was the teacher of the Hungarian juveniles II champions in 2008. He worked with the Hungarian formation champions team in 2008 and adult couple training in his hometown.

His coaches include Hungarian champion Csaba Laszlo, world-class professionals; Mirko Gozzoli, Alessia Betti, Michelle Bonsignori, Monica Baldasseroni, Fabio Selmi, Simona Francello.

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