Patti Sears

Patti Sears


  • X-Pert Certified Pole Fitness Instructor


Patti is an ACE and AFAA approved Xpert Pole Fitness Instructor. She has also trained with world renowned pole performer Pantera Blacksmith, pole instructor and performer Krya Johannsen, America’s Got Talent and 2010 APFC Champion Steven Retchless, 2010 APFC Champion Marlo Fisken, and SuperShag’s Director of the pole program Danielle Mayzes.

Patti, a life-long competitive athlete and teacher, began her athletic career with a brief stint in gymnastics. From there, she started cheerleading; an activity she continued through college where she captained the Varsity team for 2 years. And having already choreographed her high school varsity team’s winning competition routine, she continued choreographing at the collegiate level. Always a social dancer, she was invited to perform at WPIs Cultural Festival with the Latin group, performing salsa, merengue, and samba.

Since completing her degree in Structural Engineering, Patti has continued to pursue her creative outlet through dance. She has performed in many community theater productions as a featured dancer in shows including Barnum, Gypsy, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Patti?s love of dance eventually brought her to SuperShag Dance Studio where she began her formal ballroom dance instruction. Primarily a social dancer, she has performed and competed on many occasions in all styles of dance: American Rhythm, Smooth, International Latin, and Standard. She loves to salsa and cha cha especially. It was during this time that she began pole fitness classes and was so enamored with the art, expressiveness, strength and power of the movement that she was teaching within 3 months of her first class. Patti has used her passion for this sport and art form to fuel others to great achievements and personal goals. She has choreographed numerous shows for student showcases, as well as her own, and has stage managed spectacular showcases, including the February 2011 New England Pole Dance Showcase at Revolution Rock Bar and the 2011 SuperShag Pole Fitness Conference and Showcase at the Boston Sheraton.

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